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Want to reach more people on Facebook?

Facebook wants its users to have the best possible experience on their network. But, as businesses, we want our brand, content and offers to reach as many people as possible. The more time that they’re able to keep a user on their platform, the more ads that person will see and the more money Facebook will make. Their newsfeed algorithms works to provide users with the BEST (and most personal) experience possible, to enable them to achieve their goals. Before we get into the Facebook organic reach mistakes, you must understand that if you aren’t creating engaging or interesting posts, you’re effectively tying your hands behind your back.

Facebook Organic Reach Mistakes

1: Too Many Posts

If you post 100 times per day on Facebook, you’d probably think that you’re going to reach more people than if you post once.


imagine how you’d feel if the same salesman kept knocking on your door? Or calling your personal number? Or appearing on your personalized newsfeed?

So, what should we do?

The answer is simple, never post more than 3 times a day. Quality will always trump quantity. The key to success on Facebook and increasing your organic reach (and following) is to follow this philosophy. Work harder on the quality of fewer posts.

2: Time on Page

If you publish a post that shares a link (like the majority of Facebook pages) and the user who clicks on it exits the page very quickly, Facebook will deem it as a poor post and massively reduce its reach (to zero in some circumstances). The first few seconds after a visitor reaches your website are absolutely crucial. If you cannot tell them why they should remain on the page, you’ll lose the majority very quickly. You should post when your followers are active on Facebook.

3: Asking

Facebook hates cheaters and that’s exactly what they think is happening when you start asking. The more engagement your Facebook post receives, the more people Facebook will show it to organically because their algorithm believes it is high-quality and engaging.

However, if you ask for engagement, Facebook will restrict your reach (organically), because they think you’re trying to cheat their algorithm.

If you’ve been posting things like:

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Instead of asking for engagement, create posts that provoke conversation, likes, and shares. Avoiding these 3 big mistakes, guarantees to improve your organic reach on Facebook…

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