Google To Move More Sites To Mobile First Index In Coming Weeks

Google To Move More Sites To Mobile First Index In Coming Weeks

Gary Illyes, from Google announced onstage at PubCon, a webmaster conference, that Google plans on rolling more sites into the mobile-first index over the next several weeks. The change will occur over the next several weeks, according to a couple of audience members at the conference.

Google’s mobile-first index is their attempt at looking at the web and indexing and ranking the web from a mobile-first perspective. So if you have a mobile-friendly website, rather than indexing the desktop version, Google will index that website’s mobile version first.

The below tweet was posted by Marie Haynes, who was in the audience, on Twitter:
Jesse McDonald, who was also in the audience, posted this on Twitter:
If you have a website with a Responsive Web Design already in place, you may have not much to worry about, since content between Desktop and Mobile versions of your pages is very much likely to be equivalent.

Still,Google gives us the following suggestions to look at, if we want our website to be ready when the mobile first indexing rolls out in 2018. This will also prevent our website from not showing up as they should in the Mobile Search Engine Results Page.