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Google Plans To Shut Down Its Inbox App By March Next Year !!

Now that the big Gmail redesign has arrived, Google has decided to shut down its ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app by March next year

Google launched the Inbox by Gmail email client in October of 2014, it was a place for the search giant to experiment and test out new and innovative features. But after the company brought over most of the app’s various features to the redesign Gmail, many questioned the client’s future. As expected, Google has now announced that it will end support for Inbox in March of 2019

When Inbox launched, Google introduced and implemented new features such as email bundling and snoozing. This added functionality pulled a good number of users away from Gmail as they added to the email experience without combining the usual headaches caused by using third-party email clients.

While Google said that there are still a couple of Inbox features that must be added to Gmail, there’s no turning back when it comes to shutting down the app. The new Gmail incorporates many of the features Google first debuted in Inbox, like Smart Reply and Nudges, plus newer ones like Smart Compose.

The arrival of new features in Gmail rightly spurred speculation that Inbox by Gmail would be retired. On the app’s Web page, Google confirms that Inbox will be shuttered in March 2019; the company instead points users toward the new Gmail for many of the same features.

Google Gmail product manager Matthew Izatt wrote in a blog post that Inbox users can consult an online guide to familiarize themselves with Gmail. He also said, “All your conversations are already waiting for you in Gmail,” meaning that Inbox users won’t have to migrate their stored emails to Gmail.