Google Launches Its Low-Code App Maker Tool, Faster To Build Custom Business Apps.

Google has made “App Maker”, its low-code tool for building business apps, generally available and open to all developers, after a year and a half since the launch of its beta version.

In order to access App Maker, you need a G Suite Business or Enterprise subscription, or a G Suite for Education edition. But once you’ve that, you don’t need much else. The beauty of App Maker is that it doesn’t require its users to have much — or any — coding experience. Rather, they can rely upon data that already exists in G Suite, Google’s Cloud SQL database, or other databases that supports JDBC or feature a REST API.

With App Maker, you can shape company processes like requesting purchase orders, or you can speed up business workflows like filing and resolving help desk tickets, as if you designed and built the processes yourself,” App Maker product manager Geva Rechav wrote in a blog post.

The launch of App Maker makes Google a formidable rival to already established players in the low-code software market, which includes companies such as Microsoft Corp., ServiceNow Inc. and startup QuickBase Inc., which recently added automation capabilities to its own platform.

If you want to try your hand on App Maker, Google is going to make available it through its Early Adopter Program.