Google introduces 3 new photography apps for android and iOS devices

Google just announced three new photography applications: Storyboard-Android , Selfissimo!-iOS and Android , and Scrubbies-iOS . The releases are part of a new “appsperiments” program that Google just launched.

The apps involve a number of technologies now in development at Google, including those focused on object recognition, person segmentation, stylization algorithms, efficient image encoding and decoding technologies, Google says.

The first is Storyboard which transforms your videos into a comic strip. As Google demonstrates, the app will automatically turn any uploaded video into frames of comic images. Apparently, the app can produce up to 1.6 trillion combinations. If you are not satisfied with the generated images then you can just pull down to refresh the app and make a new one.

Selfissimo! uses experimental research technology from Google to capture photos automatically each time you pose, encouraging you to capture your best self.How this app working is :Start a photoshoot and Selfissimo! snaps a photo each time you stop moving. Change poses or move the phone a little to retrigger. End with a tap, then save/share individual images or the entire shoot.

“Scrubbies” This app takes GIFs and Boomerang-like photos to a new level. It lets you control and tweak the speed and direction of video playback to create interesting video loops. “Shoot a video in the app and then remix it by scratching it like a DJ. Scrubbing with one finger plays the video. Scrubbing with two fingers captures the playback so you can save or share it,” Google explains on its blog. The app is currently available for iOS.