Malabar Logistics

We designed and developed a robust website for Malabar Logistics, a leader in air and sea cargo transportation. The site features seamless navigation, real-time tracking, and user-friendly interfaces, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. Our innovative solutions ensure Malabar Logistics stays at the forefront of the transportation industry.

Aknovel Group

At Codenex, we designed and developed a cutting-edge website for Aknovel, a group dedicated to stakeholder value creation and world-class product commercialization. Our tailored web development solutions ensure a seamless user experience, robust functionality, and a strong online presence to support Aknovel’s mission of innovation and excellence.

MilkyWay Solution

We developed a robust WordPress website for Milkyway Solution, an esteemed immigration consultant and law firm operating in Australia, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. Our solution enhanced their online presence, providing a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation to cater to clients across multiple regions, showcasing their expertise and services effectively.


At Codenex, we developed the GoParkNow website and mobile app to streamline your parking experience. With the “Search Near Me” feature, users can find parking spaces within a 2KM radius effortlessly. Additionally, the location-based search feature allows users to find parking spots in specific areas, making parking hassle-free and convenient.

TTK Mobile Trading LLC

At Codenex, we developed a sleek and user-friendly e-commerce website for TTK Mobile Trading LLC, a premier mobile store. Our custom solution enhanced their online presence, streamlined product management, and provided a seamless shopping experience, boosting customer engagement and sales.

MCare Apps

We partnered with MMF Software Solutions, a startup founded by doctors passionate about healthcare technology, to develop MCare Apps. Our website development services ensured a seamless, user-friendly platform that enhances the delivery of healthcare in emergency settings, combining cutting-edge technology with medical expertise to revolutionize patient care.